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"Is Market Prediction Even Possible?" Written by John Bannan, CIO

The Search for Alpha

  • Investors want returns in every market.  Right now, investors are bracing for inflation and higher interest rates. In a time of increasing uncertainty, investors are looking for alternative strategies which perform well in all environments.
  • Trading strategies are a great option. However, traditional trading systems are reactive to indicators, which often fail because they do not respond fast enough.
  • We use our proprietary pattern recognition software, to predict change in market direction. We build from a deep understanding of natural cycles, into an indicator-free stock market predictive system. 
  • Applying our system to the stock market, we predict inflection points in the market well in advance, with approximately 70% accuracy.
  • On top of this, our risk and recovery trading strategies limit drawdowns and reduce recovery time for the occasions that our predictions are incorrect.
  • Since launching our services to the public in September 2020, our forecasted trading strategy has outperformed the S&P 500 benchmark by 160.09%and has continued to deliver positive returns despite the recent downturn.​*As of Sept 30, 2022
Comhlatech Forecast
Comhlatech predicted inflection points match up well with actual results from the S&P500 (yellow line).

Leading-Edge Financial Technology

As a developer of financial technology and investment systems, we are committed to helping investors maximize their returns and minimize risk in the markets. Our principals have been designing and building investment systems for over 10 years that work on the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq.

Industries and Services

We’re a predictive-analytics and pattern-recognition financial technology company operating out of Waterloo, Ontario. Currently, we’re focused on using our technology to help investors make informed investment decisions and reduce their risk. We’re also exploring other applications for our predictive technology.

In 2020, after over 10 years of research and development of our forecasting methods, we launched our first predictive trading system, Prophetick.  This was followed by our Radium and Safara trading strategies, also built on the back-bone of our forecasts.  Retail Traders can access our technology at comhlatrade.com.  With a proven win rate, and 3rd party verified results, Retail traders can have their accounts use AutoTrade® services so they never miss a trade.

Institutional investing

The ComhlaTech strategies will soon be available to Institutional and Accredited investors via Commodity Trading Advisory ("CTA") services offered by Comhla LLC.  Comhla LLC is registered with the National Futures Association #0547412.  Please leave us your information below if you are interested in being contacted when this becomes available.  

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ComhlaTech's strategies will be offered via Comhla LLC CTA services very soon. If you are interested in getting the 'heads up', please leave us your information and we will reach out to you with details.

Our Board

Vern Heinrichs
Chairman of the Board

Anne Marie Heinrichs
CEO & Director

John Bannan
Chief Investment Officer & Director

Duncan Finnigan

Our forecasts work on

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