Invest with certainty

Stress-free investing with a proven stock market forecast, an educational program, and a supportive community of like-minded investors.

Trade with peace of mind

You keep your money in your own account and invest your funds according to your own preferences - we never touch your account.

Every trade predicted is backed by a team of cutting-edge researchers and experienced traders.

You won’t be alone - we trade every forecast we give our members.

Real People. Real Results

Hear from some of our members about the results they have had using the Prophetick Market Forecast.

Real people real results Comhlatech investing

The results speak for themselves

You shouldn't just take our word for it (and don't trust anyone who says you should!).

Check out our results since we started our forecasting system.

How ComhlaTech Works

In this on-demand webinar, you have a chance to hear from John Bannan, our Chief Investment Officer. He'll give you lots of details about how and why ComhlaTech works. We'll teach you how to Invest With Certainty.

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Decision making made easy

You will only need a few minutes per month to use our forecasts.

You’ll know at least 24 hours before we move on a forecast.

Plan your trading ahead of time.

No watching the market.

You’ll get email alerts, calendar reminders, and real people to answer your questions.

It’s simple to get started

You’ll be able to get  set up easily with a brokerage account and learn how to place your trades.  And, you can reach a real person if you need a little extra help. You can also access tips on how to manage your risk and a community of investors so you can bounce ideas around.

Learn how to trade

Learn how to reduce your risk

Learn how to optimize your results

Improve your investment decision making

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$75 USD / Month

  • Prophetick market forecast
  • Education program
  • Personal setup
  • One account included
  • 14-day trial included


$100 USD / Month

  • Prophetick market forecast
  • Education program
  • Personal setup
  • Up to 3 accounts included
  • 14-day trial included