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Energy Costs Skyrocketing in the US – Closing Bull Oct. 15th, 2021

By John Bannan | October 15, 2021

Quick Summary: This week’s Closing Bull focuses on the bank’s quarterly profits, workers returning to their office jobs since the pandemic, Starbucks turns 50 years old, and US energy costs are skyrocketing. Key News This Week: Market recap Bank news Workers returning to their office jobs Starbuck turns 50 Energy costs rising Read the Transcript…

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Doom and Gloom in the Market – Closing Bull Oct. 8th, 2021

By John Bannan | October 8, 2021

Quick Summary: This week’s blog post entails politicians using the debt ceiling as bargaining chips, the September jobs report has come in with disappointing news, and the Facebook/Instagram and WhatsApp crash that occurred earlier in the week. Key News This Week: Doom and gloom in the market September jobs report Facebook/Instagram and WhatsApp Crash Captain…

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Apologies – No Closing Bull This Week

By Anne Marie Heinrichs | October 1, 2021

John sends his apologies. The whole family has been sick with our first heavy cold (not covid!) in a year and a half this week and he is unable to do the Closing Bull. He’ll be back next week!

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No one Likes Losing Trades

By Anne Marie Heinrichs | September 30, 2021

It’s fair to say that Losing Trades are undesirable.   No one likes them.  They make us feel bad and, well, let’s be frank, they suck. The biggest mistake a trader with a winning system can make, is to quit when they have had a bad losing trade.  Unfortunately, it is also the most common.  As…

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China vs Cryptocurrency – Closing Bull Sept. 24th, 2021

By John Bannan | September 24, 2021

Quick Summary: Interest rates and the Economy, China vs. cryptocurrency, and Government efforts to pass a new bill. Key News This Week: Interest rates China bans bitcoin Congress to agree on a spending bill Fun facts Read the Transcript Welcome to my financial markets re-cap for the week. I’m John Bannan, from   Before…

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Government and KPIs – Closing Bull Sept. 17th, 2021

By John Bannan | September 18, 2021

Quick Summary: Government and Key performance indicators Key News This Week: House Democrats proposed a plan to raise up to $2.9T in tax dollars over the next 10 years What is hyperinflation?  Consumer prices rose at a slower pace in August Elon Musk’s space company made history after its all-civilian mission launched from Cape Canaveral…

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Coinbase Facing Legal Action? Closing Bull Sept 10th, 2021

By John Bannan | September 11, 2021

Quick Summary: Back on a trade at the end of the day on Friday and looking for a bounce from the carnage today which we were grateful to avoid! Key news this week: The US could default on its debt in October if measures aren’t taken to raise or suspend the debt ceiling. Biden administration…

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Deadly Storms and Tax Dodging – Closing Bull Week Sept 3rd, 2021

By John Bannan | September 3, 2021

Read the transcript Hi there, welcome to my financial markets recap for the week, it’s John Brown here from We’ll update the system before we get to the news and what happened in August this week. We’re in a new trade at the end of the week. Nothing happened this week in terms of…

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My Million Challenge Update

By John Bannan | August 30, 2021

My Million Challenge update for my son Aiden, August 2021. Just as a refresher, the My Million Challenge was initially set up just for our son Aiden. Anne Marie and I decided that for our oldest son’s 16th birthday we wouldn’t buy him the usual gifts. Instead, we would open a broker account for him and fund…

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Senate Passes $1 Trillion Infrastructure Deal – Closing Bull Aug. 13th, 2021

By John Bannan | August 13, 2021

Quick Summary: Key News This Week: Read the Transcript Hi there, welcome to my financial markets recap for the week, it’s John Bannan here from Before we get to the news, a little update on the system. We just closed a trade today. It was a minuscule win on the NASDAQ man, and I…

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