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Futures and Forex, a whole new world!

By John Bannan | March 12, 2012

I just got back from Sunny LA.  I spent 4 days at Courtney Smith Futures and Forex boot camp.  While I have spent my entire trading career focused on stocks and options I felt now was the time to broaden my horizons and delve into the big boys playground of Futures and Forex. I may…

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Ever wonder why a broker is called a BROKER?

By John Bannan | March 2, 2012

I came across a comment on one of the LinkedIn trading groups I am part of.  It was in response to a discussion on the difference between trading and Gambling.  I thought it was an excellent post so enjoy: “Investing is placing your symbols of wealth in what you consider profitable to you or those…

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You can never stop learning!

By John Bannan | February 23, 2012

I went to Atlanta Georgia for a few days last week to go to a special closed door training bootcamp that my mentor Phil Town was doing.  I can’t say anything about what was taught as I signed a non-disclosure document and gave my word. Suffice to say that it was a very rewarding experience. …

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Value Investing…where the smart money goes!

By John Bannan | February 15, 2012

There is a book sitting on my desk, where it always sits, only an arm’s length away.  It’s looking a little old and dog eared now, as it has been read so many times, and it’s spine is cracked and worn from being left open for reference.  That book is Rule #1. I remember my…

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Maintaining a Positive Trading Psychology

By John Bannan | February 9, 2012

Below is an excerpt from an article from Psychologist Brett Steenbarger, author of The Psychology of Trading (Wiley, 2003) “It is common to hear traders assert that mental self-control is the key to stock market and futures profits….the reverse is equally true.  Staying grounded in solid trading rules and systems is one of the most…

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In answer to a great question…

By John Bannan | February 7, 2012

I received a really great question this week and as suggested, I am answering it for everyone, not just the person who sent it to me.  It came in two parts – the first being regarding QCOR, and the second being ULTA. I will answer the easier of the two first – ULTA.  The question…

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Risky Business Indeed!

By John Bannan | January 31, 2012

Would you say that trading success is more attributable to trading techniques or psychology? The answer is both, but the point where the two intersect is risk management. A huge percentage of trading success or failure can be laid at the doorstep of risk management.  Although it is only one of the pillars of success. …

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Onwards and Upwards!

By John Bannan | January 30, 2012

A strange thing happened on the flight back from the UK.  We boarded as normal, taxied from the gate to the runway, then were told that we were turning around to have a mechanical issue looked at. Now I don’t know about you, but when a pilot says that there may be a mechanical issue,…

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Trading while on Vacation

By John Bannan | January 18, 2012

Well I am off to Scotland for a week to visit family and friends with my 6 year old son.  Special Daddy and son trip!  But my members need have no fear, I will be trading as normal albeit a little later in the day for me, as the US markets will close at 9pm…

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Enact Your Own Gold Rush

By John Bannan | January 17, 2012

Trading the markets may not be your calling.  But whatever you are currently doing for a living, I believe, the allure of the markets allow us to undertake our very own gold rush.  To chase our dreams of prosperity that will allow us to help others around us and beyond. So with a reasonable stake…

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