My Million Challenge Update

My Million Challenge update for my son Aiden, August 2021.

Just as a refresher, the My Million Challenge was initially set up just for our son Aiden. Anne Marie and I decided that for our oldest son’s 16th birthday we wouldn’t buy him the usual gifts. Instead, we would open a broker account for him and fund it with $1,000 CAD on his behalf, and gift him a one-year membership to  We would then trade that $1,000 aggressively using margin in his account with the Comhla system in the view to turning $1,000 into $1M within 10 years. 

After what could be called an ‘overwhelming’ response to posting about this with lots of questions and excitement about the possibilities, we decided to share this journey with others and many people have chosen to take this low-risk challenge with us. To be part of the group, by all means, just join in here – Anne Marie even set up a contest and special workshops to help with the challenge – so what have you got to lose?!

He made his very first trade on June 11th, 2021 and we are now approximately 10 weeks in.  At the time of this post, his account is now at $1,775.85. 

Since his first trade, an extra $380 has been added to his account from other birthday money.  So, while I would love to say he has made a 77.5% return YTD, that would not be true.  However, in the middle column, it shows Aiden has made $313 USD so far.  A healthy return for his first 10 weeks. Currently, his returns are +30% since inception.  So, we are off to a great start on this epic journey.

I will post another update at the end of September.  It won’t always go up, but over the next 6-12 months we expect to will see it steadily climb, as per the design and expectations we have for the forecasting system.

Thanks for reading and I hope it helps inspire you to join us or start a different account for some other young person you may know.

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