Culture Statement

Our Principles

Our principles are reflected in three words:

Simple. Our products and services are simple to use. Our interactions are intuitive and welcoming.

Certain. Our company and its actions inspire confidence and certainty.

Together. Our company name is Comhla, which is Gaelic for ‘together’. We seek ways to work together, strengthen relationships, and build our community.

In our products and services, and in the way we build our company, we continuously work towards reaching the high bar set by these principles.

We use these principles to help us decide how to build our company, our team, and our relationships with our clients, stakeholders, and the communities we live in.

Stakeholders First
When we founded ComhlaTech, we included in our Articles of Incorporation a commitment to consider the interests of all our stakeholders when making decisions. That means we are legally required to think of our shareholders, our staff, our clients, and the environment in which we operate (collectively, our stakeholders).
That will not change – it is part of our DNA.
We are constantly looking for ways to enhance and improve the experience we create, whether through our products or our day-to-day interactions. Most often we do this by asking ourselves how we can put Simple, Certain and Together into action.
Our services are often used in environments that can be stressful and uncertain, even for those with experience. We want to help our clients thrive in that environment, regardless of their experience level.
We work towards an ever better understanding of our stakeholders.  This requires openness to learning, empathy, and meaningful connection. Our stakeholders constantly surprise us, and we see that as a good thing.
Play as a Team
Everyone in this company has a voice, and they are expected to use it. When they use it, others are expected to listen. Our collective intelligence is stronger than any one individual at this company.
When we speak, we practice straight talk. We are honest about our successes and our screwups. We know we need to learn, and we do not hide behind words to do it.
Just like a team, the coaches and leadership rely on honest feedback of what is happening on the field.
We believe that ‘failure’ is an editorial judgement. Every experience is a learning experience, and we ask ourselves, “What have we learned?”, from every situation.
We support each other. We provide space to grow, and plenty of challenge. We share our wins, our losses, and what we’ve learned. When a teammate needs help, we help.
We build our playbook together, and we know that our success requires a balance of practice, planning, communication, and moments of inspiration.
We take agility seriously - we gauge our success by our ability to learn and respond to emerging situations.